Thursday, 11 October 2012

Being a Bird for $314k a Year

Some folks sat down and analyzed the taxes and such....of Sesame Street's team.

The guy who plays Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird?  He makes $314k a year.

The guy who plays Stinky the Stinkweed, the Two-Head Monster, and Papa Bear?  He makes almost $500k a year.

Most of the other players on the Sesame Street team?  $300k to $450k a year.

The benefit packages?  They aren't mentioned but I'm guessing that the best health care packages are included, along with a 401k matching deal.

How does this compare to most folks in the state of Bama?  Well....we must admit that we do pay the football coaches of Auburn and Alabama....a fair amount more than Big Bird.  And the basketball coach for Bama likely makes more.  The Chancellor of both Auburn and Alabama probably makes at least in the $400k range.

Our two senators from the state?  They pull in around $174k a they don't even match Big Bird.

Our governor?  Well....he pulls in around $115k a year.

The top CEOs around the state?  There might be thirty or forty CEOs in Bama who make in the $300k or more range.  Course, they work fifty to sixty hour weeks.....worry about products being delivered on time....and have responsibility over 500 employees.  They don't worry about clean feathers or the daily script thats written by a seven-year old kid.

Maybe it's time to retire the cast of Sesame Street....move the operation to Red Bay, hire up some local unemployed folks for $35k a year, and restart the clock.  Heck, for $150k a year, I think even David Hasselhoff would be agreeable to put on the Big Bird outfit and walk around the stage for an hour a day....provided you allowed booze on the Street.  I'd do the job for $60k a long as you had the AC turned down to 60 degrees when I wore the stupid bird outfit.

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