Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Being Redundant

This is page one of a brief note to UBS employees who showed up this morning in find out that they'd been let go, terminated, fired, or laid-off.

It's a nice letter....basically saying that you will not be required to attend the office anymore.  Yes, you are on "special leave".  You have become.... redundant.

You can imagine yourself.....looking at this letter on the big door to the building.  You check you email via your cellphone, and find this nifty note there.  You figure...what the heck....and go over for a number of ales at lunch, and spend the day with the other redundant chaps.

I sat and pondered over the note.  It's almost Shakespearean in nature.  You wanted to convey some awful harsh situation, but in a nice polite British way.  There are ten thousand UBS employees who will be made redundant.  I'm certain that few will find themselves back in the banking business.  There's just not a need for that many folks to fall back into a job.

The British have a way about things like this.  Stiff upper lip.  Hardy men.  Never give up the ship.  Being better than being laid-off, at least in my book.  Men might aspire to such a lofty position...such as this.  I could see a Peter Sellers movie being made out of this.....if he were still alive.  Maybe bring back be made redundant.

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