Monday, 15 October 2012

Best Way to Get Rid of Jobs

Starting on 1 January 2013, California will start this interesting episode....charging companies for the amount of greenhouse gases they create.  Some idiot will come around to your company....perhaps a lawn furniture company with one hundred employees....observe what you do to create greenhouse gases, and then send you a bill.  It would be the first state to start something like this.

The interesting part to this is that some other arm of the operation....would be auctioning off a marketable piece of this....thus creating a new "Wall-Street" operation in California....related to cap-and-trade, or greenhouse gases.

The folks directly hit by this?  Power companies.  The cost?  Don't worry....they will pass every single dollar of cost onto the general public.  Your bill, if you live in California, will inch up a couple of bucks each month....thanks to greenhouse gases.

What a logical guy can assume here?  Power companies might eventually get smart, and create less power.....forcing the public to take power from other states, which don't have to comply with the silly rule.  Along the way...various industries in California will assess the cost, and eventually come to agree on relocating some of their operations to Nevada or Arizona.  Jobs?  They will relocate along the way.

If you wanted a mechanism to lessen the population of the state....this greenhouse gas trick....would do the job, and probably chase a quarter of the population out of the state in thirty years.

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