Monday, 1 October 2012

Just Observations

Some passenger was traveling the San Juan airport, and apparently got the TSA folks all slipping a picture or video of them.  So the TSA folks ran up, took the camera, and ten minutes later returned it....with everything deleted.  The TSA guys felt confident and sure of themselves.  The sad thing that when you mess with a digital camera....and delete's really still there.  You'd have to format the whole camera, and even then....there's the possibility of recovering the pictures.   The positive thing that TSA folks are simply demonstrating their lack of knowledge and we can continue to expect the same "professionalism".

The economic experts sat down and gazed at Greek numbers for the "youth"....typically 18-to-25 year olds.  The current number for August is 55 percent unemployment.  For most countries, that would rattle folks and set up the possibility of a massive political mess.  The truth is....probably half the "youths" in Greece are on a search episode for jobs in other European countries.  My humble guess is that half of this group will have disappeared from the Greek landscape by spring of 2013.  The odds of coming back?  Zero.  These kids will be the generation that settles in France, Italy, or Germany....and just accepts the fact that Greece is a decade from fixing itself at best.

There are some numbers that indicate military absentee ballots are on the decline, by a significant number.    Here's the thing, throughout the last two elections (2008 and 2004), it's apparent to most GI's that either the county or the local vote counters....aren't going to accept or use their ballots.  Some counties will readily admit that they just don't count military absentee ballots because it's too much trouble....unless it's a real close election.  I actually heard from a Texas county poll counter back around twelve years ago.  GI's are to the point of giving up on this whole election business.  My humble opinion is this.....if we really don't want their votes to count....let's dismiss federal and state taxation on all military members.  Let them off the hook because we just made voting and citizenship too much of a hassle.  Same deal for their wives or dependents.

Finally, a comment on the Obama-Romney debate.  Romney has done roughly twenty debates over the past eighteen months.  He's had probably three hundred man-hours of preparation that he's done to get through the primary season.  The President has virtually no debates over the past four years, and I doubt if he's put more than fifty hours in preparation over the two months.  I believe that Mitt Romney will come out looking more prepared and polished during the debate.  Maybe it doesn't help much.....but all you need is half the independents making a decision after debate number one that Mitt is the guy to vote for.  That's something that the President cannot afford to allow happen.  So this one awful important.

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