Friday, 26 October 2012

Just the Way It Is

The kind folks at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)....have started packing and intend to be in America in twelve days to view and watch over our election.

Currently, Texas has hinted that if they get closer than 300 feet to the polling stations....they could be arrested.  Most other states have been quiet over the matter.

I sat and pondered over this topic.  A bunch of European folks....showing up in your town....watching the election unfold and trying to stand within twenty feet of the clerk's table to view issues.

In Bama, it would turn into an interesting event.  I grew up in a small town where most folks know each other, and a unknown crowd of European folks would suddenly attract attention.  You'd naturally wander over, offer a handshake....introduce yourself and Aunt Emma.  You'd ask if they were lost.  They'd explain their job in life.  You'd comment on their attire and if they felt comfortable in those Italian shoes.  Then you'd invite them over to the local grill for a hamburger steak and fries.

The OSCE folks would be kinda shocked at the friendly nature.

At the grill, you'd chat about the county road being redone next year, someone's septic tank overflowing this morning, and how the economy kinda sucked but you were making the best of it.

They'd ask you about corruption in voting, and you'd comment that it's hard to squeeze more than one vote out of one person.  They'd ask about illegal counting....hinting on the Florida episode of 2000.  But you'd counter that things in Bama tend to be simple and uncomplicated.  You did want the city to go "wet", which takes sixteen minutes to explain in detail that they are in a "dry" town right now.  Things are complicated on this wet/dry issue because of the Baptist Church in town.

By now, the grill gal would offer up a peach cobbler slice of pie, with a big scoop of fancy vanilla ice cream.  The European folks would be shocked at such desert.  Then the lady would top off their ice tea glass with another refill (their third), and mention that it's all free (something you'd never get in Europe).

Lester would stop by the table and mention his cows are out and ask if you folks could come over and help herd them back up.  So you and the European guys would ride out to Lester's place to help.  Two or three hours later....the cows would all be penned up and Lester would offer shots of some fine Jack Daniels to everyone.

Night would come and the European guys would travel back to the lodge and admit they had a mighty fine time and just didn't observe any deceit or evil intent in the election poll business.  In fact, these American folks are pretty good folks to know.

They'd travel back to Europe and be dumped on by their associates.  The Americans took advantage of you....they twisted you around.  They wanted to deceive you.  The returned Europeans will find no one wanting to believe their stories.  The sad thing is that....three dead folks did vote in the town election, and seven folks voted in other states.

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