Friday, 12 October 2012


There's a word in the English language which is slowly dying out.....rarely used....and prone to be tossed around without folks knowing a full-meaning of it.  The word?  Malarkey.

I sat and heard VP Joe utter malarkey last night.  It's kind stuck to me.

Back in the 1920s and 1930s....malarkey was commonly used....especially up in the New England states. It was supposed to mean BS, lies, deceit, foolish talk, a big fib, etc.  If you sit and watch movies from the was probably used in every single movie that was crime or comedy-related.

In my entire life....I've never uttered the word.  It's on my list of words not worth remembering or using.

I'm guessing last night that 300k folks had to Goggle up the word malarkey when VP Joe used it, and maybe it'll catch on for a several months with the youth-generation.

Then we'll start to hear other dead words being tossed around: scuttlebutt, hobnob, lollygag, hodgepodge, and balderdash.

The neat thing about malarkey is that you can utter it and accuse the other guy of being a liar.....but be nice enough to avoid using the word liar.  It's the kind of act you can perform at the barbershop, the drug-store ice cream shop, and Woolworth's Five and Dime.....oh....yeah......the old places where people mingled, discussed gossip, and accused each other of being a FDR-supporter, or a loser who supported Hoover.

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