Saturday, 13 October 2012

Million Muppet March

In the last couple of days....a couple of guys....apparently from the 'other' coast (always meant to be west coast) around to this idea of the Million Muppet March.  The deal is that millions would descend down to Washington DC...the weekend prior to the election....just four weeks away.

I sat and looked over this story.  First, to organize and put this out and get folks in the frame of mind to make an event like less than four'd be practically impossible.

Showing up on the first Saturday in November in DC?  Well....I can typically vouch that it'll be in the high 30's at 6AM on a Saturday like that, and it's a thirty-percent chance of rain.

So, you'd meet with your associates down near the Metro station, and walk out, to walk a mile or two....with signs or Muppet gear in your hands, and talk up saving PBS, Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, and the NPR folks.  The possibility of the real Big Bird showing up?  I'm guessing if you make $300k a year as the feathered have a stake in this, and he probably will be there.  Fake Big Birds?  Republican fake Big Birds?  Well....yeah....they might be there too.

How many folks will show up?  With 100k college students within an hour's drive of DC....I'd be guessing at least 60k people do show up.  Folks from New York City will take the train down.  A couple of dozen buses from various states within a eight-hour drive will make it too.

My humble guess is that the PBS guys might need a "wing and a miracle" in the coming financial negotiation period. At the very least, they are looking at a ten-percent cut in their budget....which means the big billionaire charity guys who will be asked to make up the difference.  The worst case scenario?  Around half the 400-odd million government budget is cut, and some serious decisions start to be made.....with some folks connected to PBS asked to take a thirty percent pay-cut.

A political fight brewing in 2013 over radical folks upset with PBS funding cuts?  Yeah....expect it.  Sadly, you as a local Representative in Louisiana might suddenly find an intellectual swing vote in your district of seven hundred folks who want you to sign a contract to "love" PBS....meaning you will vote to fund them completely.

A comedy?  Yes.  You can imagine this whole story getting out to various foreign countries, and some French news guy is asked to explain the whole PBS mess.  The details of Big Bird making $300k a year on his PBS contract?  This will all be treated as a comedy in the end.

Will I attend the Million Muppet March?  I'm debating this.  It's a Saturday and just twenty minutes away by bus and train.  I dig up a Cookie Monster puppet, and just walk around like an idiot for two view the mess in DC as it unfolds.  There might be some great human interest stories out of this in the end.

Saving Ernie, the Count, and Kermit....have crept into American politics.  You can tell....something is just plain wrong here.

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