Saturday, 13 October 2012

My Hillary Scenario

When VP Joe tossed a piece or two of poor State Department handling from the Libyan episode of a few weeks ago at the debate....he opened up a can of worms.  There's fairly strong words now that exist in public debate that maybe the State Department screwed up.  You can sense that the White House might be willing to toss Hillary to help explain things.

So I have a scenario.

Hillary starts to add up these words and comments....loses her patience....and quits two weeks before the election.  Hillary-supporters....probably twenty percent of the Obama base....will look at what was said and done, and decide to quit this election and just stay home.

Election day results....Obama loses by twelve percent.  Most analysts will point at this large group of people who just plain stayed home.  Democrats are mostly angry over how the White House ran the Libyan explanations, and how Romney won.

Sequestration actually occurs because no Democrats cross the line to support any legislative solution.  By April of 2013, there's thirty thousand government employees in DC, who are given a termination notice.  By October of 2013, another sixty thousand government workers in DC are added to the list.  Across the nation....around 500k government workers are given notices.

Sequestration now starts up a recession, with unemployment blasting along at twelve percent, and in the nation's's near sixteen percent.

Without Democratic support....the Republicans can't get anything done in the Senate.  Stagnation becomes the trend in 2014 and 2015.  The office of the Presidency is worthless....without things being agreed upon in the House and Senate.

Behind the scenes....Hillary takes a year off....writes a book about a "new" America.  Hillary travels to Iowa and spends four months living with an Iowa family and learning new personal skills.  A reality show covers the new Hillary.

By 2016, America is fairly desperate now.  The Romney solution wasn't ever able to take off because sequestration destroyed early opportunities.  Lack of agreement doomed them from the start.  The Republicans couldn't even doom or change Obama-Care....because they just didn't have enough votes in the Senate.

It's only a scenario.....but if you notice right now....Hillary hasn't been seen in public in at least ten days.  She hasn't made a single comment to change what she said originally after the Libya episode.  I suspect that she's simmering with a bit of hostility right now.  Just a humble opinion.

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