Saturday, 20 October 2012

My Local Neighborhood

Here in Arlington, we have a couple of of them is the dying mall over at Ballston Common.  I call it dying because there's just no real business left in this place.  It has a multi-plex theater up on the top level, an ice-skating rink, and maybe sixty stores around the place, with a dozen places to eat.  The key to the mall is that it's got four levels.

Well...two days ago....this guy was up around the top level, and apparently dropped a Molotov cocktail down down into the food-court (the absolute bottom to the mall).  It starts a pretty minor fire but that was put out quickly, and it didn't hit anyone (there aren't that many folks who eat there anyway).

Cops got alerted.  They eventually find this guy (who I shall keep nameless).  What they can say is that he's an geeky engineer guy who has been unemployed for a couple of years.

So far, there's some charges mounting up.  There's even one federal charge....arson.  I'm guessing that he might be sent off for at least five years.

Explanation? None.  You get the impression that he was a nutcase....just waiting for the right time and right place.

So now, I need to worry about Molotov cocktails on top of the forty-four other things that could happen to me.

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