Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Neighborhood

We've got a local city council guy....ex-city council guy....from the District (across the river from me here in Virginia), who got convicted in a federal court.  Note, charges in a federal court, mean you do federal time and any negotiation you a favor....and you don't screw a deal up.

Well...our local guy....Kwame Brown, has been waiting for the final hearing for sentencing.  His charges circle around bank fraud....which could mean at least a year or two in prison.  The judge told Kwame.....months ago as part of the deal.....he needed to call into the federal office several times a week while waiting on the sentence part of the episode. All he had to do....was call on schedule.

Well....Kwame just wasn't living up to the deal, so the judge asked Kwame to meet up this week.  The judge decided that Kwame wasn't adult enough to maintain the there's a curfew now established.  From 11PM to 6:30AM.....Kwame has to stay home.  These call-in deals....gone.  He has to physically go down to the federal office each time to establish that he is in the local area.

You have to laugh about this.  You got a five-star deal from the judge and you screwed it up.  You have to waste at least ninety minutes for each one of these physical meetings because you need to drive down....find parking....and wait outside some Federal office for a guy to note that you are actually there, then return home.

The sad thing was that this guy was head of the DC city council, and was supposed to be mature enough to run local city government.

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