Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Neighborhood

Across the river from the District (DC), which usually has oddball events that occur weekly.  This week, there's a discussion underway about taxis.

You see, for decades....taxis in DC....could be any color that the company wanted them to be.  There's probably a dozen colors or tints that exist in the District at this point.  The word "taxi" appears on the side, but there are various colors.

Well.....someone has gotten the Taxi-Commission (yeah, there is such a thing), to make a rule.....over one pure color for all DC-registered taxis.  Course, the debate is on.....and it can't be yellow because there's already a company that makes their taxis yellow.  So there's three basic choices: green, red and gray, and black with a red/white/blue deal.

So after seventy-five odd years....a necessity to make all taxis in the district one color....which leads to what?  Easier recognition?

To be honest, most folks have given up on recognizing taxis, and just use their cellphone to get a taxi at a certain location.

This oddball black with re/white/blue?  Well....there's a feeling that it'd be patriotic and set taxis different from the rest of America.  Green? one really says much for it.  To be honest, no one outside of the Taxi-Commission really cares.

Most of the locals believe that all members of the Taxi-Commission are bought-off.  No one anywhere in the District thinks that the Commission is legit at this point.  Everything has a purpose to drive up cost or rates or drive out competition.  That's the comical side of this game of color....there is no advantage for anyone.

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