Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Predictions

Occasionally, I will make predictions.  This time....I'm predicting the environment around us in 2016.....the next election.

First, tens of thousands of people are now in serious trouble on repaying their university loans.  The parents who co-signed with Junior?  They are social security age and discovering everyday that if Junior doesn't don't work out a payment deal yourself....then your social security fund is attacked and $500 pulled monthly to cover the payment.  Naturally, these people are upset and living on the bare means of survival.  Most still work at some grocery store...even into their seventies because they can't survive off $800 a month after the college loan money is deducted.

This group will be demanding government intervention.  It'll be hard for the President (either guy), or Congress to just forget about this in an election year.  So they will give away tens of billions in loan money that was supposed to come back to the US government.  We will slip deeper into debt, with a lot of folks standing around with French literature degrees.

Second, between 2013 and 2016, a number of kids and parents will wise up and say "no" to four-year universities.  They will opt for a two-year program at the local community college.  I will predict that college enrollment by 2016 is down by six percent across the nation.  Naturally....the four-year universities are furious and on the borderline of finance issues.  Professors with tenure....will be told to retire and be forced out.  Weekly meetings will be held with your state senator to figure out a way to bring the students back.

Third, after cutting seven percent of the government civilian work-force in 2013 and 2014....the facts are that most of the people who left were in the junior or lesser grades.  You've now got a over-balanced situation with more managers than desired.  The government experts are suggesting to hire 100k civilian government workers in give the current managers....people to manage.  No one much believes the logic, and it never occurs.

Fourth, for the 2016 Senate race in Nevada....Harry Reid is 76 years old and frankly....would like to retire.  The problem is that no one from the Democratic Party in the state is a obvious replacement.  So Harry runs again.

Fifth, no less than thirty books are written in 2013....describing the inside workings of the Obama White House between 2008 and 2012.  They all tend to show an organization that was screwed up internally, and could never get moving in a forward direction with any true agreement.

Sixth, and least two thousand dead people will have been found to have voted in the 2012 election.  Officials in all fifty states are at a loss to explain how some....even dead for a year.....still voted.  A Senator will put forward a vote to declare dead people lose their voting status within twenty-four hours after they expire....however....there isn't enough votes (60) in the Senate to approve the bill and push it onto the House.

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