Thursday, 4 October 2012

Observations Over the Debate

I sat and watched the Presidential debate last night.  I came to three conclusions.

First, the President did an adequate of defending his policies and the economic successes of the past four years.  It could have been better.....but he could go home and feel that he delivered a good argument over things.

Second, while most folks were expecting some issue with the moderator.....I came to the end and felt it was handled in a fair fashion.  Both candidates got a fair deal.  Personally, I'd like to have Jim Lehrer do all three debates. I won't say Jim Lehrer is dynamic or a controlling moderator (which some folks really prefer)....but he kept them focused on the questions for the most part.

Third and final....about forty minutes into this could sense the President was frustrated.  His facial expressions weren't as positive as they were in the first ten minutes of the debate.  Around the seventy-minute point of the could sense that he'd like for this debate to conclude shortly.  I'd probably take a guess that debates are something that aren't high on his preference list.

So, did it shift anything around?  It's hard to say or predict.  No knock-downs.  No real power-punches. You've got roughly a week before the Biden-Ryan debate.

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