Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Positiveness and Negativeness

I stayed around this morning, and actually watched the Today Show.  Their lead?  A bunch of statistics on different slides....which showed the positiveness and negativeness of President Obama and Governor Romney, on various issues.  Twenty-five years ago....no one in the news business would have wasted your time on some statistical display like this, and tell you how the President was 52 percent positive on foreign affairs versus 48 percent positive on energy affairs.

So this brings me to a pondering moment.

Do guys stand around and do a positive versus negative scale on their barber?  Do you rate Gus positive on sideburns with 44 percent, while giving Gus barely 32 positive numbers for magazine material?

Do women stand and rank the positiveness and negativeness of Piggly Wiggly?  Do the PG carts rate 58 percent positive because Randy steam-cleans them each Saturday morning?

Do kids rank gym coaches, with a 74 percent negative ranking on locker rooms.....because no one ever cleans the gym locker room?

Do you sit around the house and rank the local TV station weather guy with a 44 percent negative ranking because he uses a lousy map?

Does Grandma rank her newspaper guy with a 55 percent positive ranking....mostly because he pulls up and tosses the paper into the carport?

Do you rank the local Dunkin Donuts shop with a 88 percent positive ranking.....mostly because Wanda wears a open blouse and bends over when you pull up to pick up a order at 5:30 in the morning?

Do you rank your car mechanic with a 52 percent positive ranking....mostly because he sprays a new car smell into the car each time he hands the key to you?

Do you rank Fox News with a 66 percent positive ranking....mostly because that handsome and brilliant Karl Rove guy from Bama appears almost nightly?

Positiveness and negativeness scales worthless?  Yeah.  They are mostly worthless.  It's possible in 1927 that some idiots in New York City would have rated Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig as only 62 percent positive for the New York Yankees.....yet forty years later.....most folks would rank them as 99 percent positive.

So when you flip over to the Today Show or Good Morning Bama (GMB)....and they start tossing up positive ranking slides....it's best to start a eight-minute break in the kitchen and cook up some pancakes.

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