Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sense out of the Unemployment Numbers

Where did the jobs come push unemployment below eight percent?

Well....there are examples.  In Yakima, Washington....a German company is opening up a call-center.  Most of the employees will pull $10 an hour.  There's a hundred openings, and you can figure there's probably five managers among the one hundred, and they might get a yearly salary of $35k to $40k.  Not a great deal, but in's probably the only great news of the past two years.

Velociti is packing up its headquarters in Kansas City, and moving to Riverside, MO.  The number of folks moving? Ninety-seven.  Course, along the way....the kindly folks at Riverside offered up various benefits to the deal.

Construction companies added five thousand new employees in September.  A boost?  Well...the market might have seen some positives and picked up from where it was three years ago.

According to USA Today....the company SOXEDO is trying to fill around 1,200 positions, mostly in the catering business.

Starbucks is talking 1k new shops over the next five years....which likely translates into 20k new jobs.

So, yeah.....we are nickel and diming the whole decline of the unemployment rate.

Yeah, a lot of these are part-time jobs.

Yeah, a lot of these are $8 to $10 an hour jobs.

Yeah, there are guys who were making $50k four years ago, and today making $26k a year as a shift supervisor for Pizza Hut.

But you can't be picky about the recovery of the nation.  It could five years before we see unemployment back to around 6.5 percent (considered average by most folks).  And you guys who were pulling in seventy thousand dollars a year and unemployed today at 55 years old....may never be offered anything other than $32k a year as chief clerk at the tag department of the county.  It's the new world you have to accept.

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