Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Simply Observations

There's two stories in today's news which gave me a few minutes to think and pause over.

First....out in Oklahoma....there was this guy on a motorcycle....who came around a corner....and there was a bull in the middle of the highway.  Black bull, of course.  This occurred at other than a pair of eyes gazing at him....the motorcyclist probably had a 2-second moment to ponder what that was in the middle of the road.  The guy is in serious condition.  The bull?  Dead.  They didn't give the speed, but you'd have to think the guy was doing at least sixty there...with no lights showing around the road.

I'm guessing the farmer has gone out to view where the bull jumped the fence, and discussed things with the guys down at the local gas station.  The guys will ask where he bought the bull, and if he was a tough critter when he unloaded him.  Then they will ask how he handled the disposal of the bull upon daylight.  This always is a heavily discussed topic with local farmers.

Lawyer involvement?  Well.....yeah, there might be some lawyer trying to dump blame on the farmer for a weak fence or a difficult bull.  There's not exactly an insurance policy to cover things like know.

The second story?  There's a guy up in Union City, Tennessee....who the cops noticed him driving a bit erratic.  So they turned on the siren. have to understand.....the guy was doing no more than 20 mph before the siren came on.  And after the siren came on?  He was still doing 20 mph.  So this chase developed.  The guy never got any faster than 20 mph.

When things finally got to a stopping point....the cops walked up and noticed that the guy was nude.  Naturally, this brings up the Bath Salts drug situation.  No real discussion here....the cops don't argue at all.

So he will be charged with several crimes....lewd behavior will be one of course.  Jail time?  I'm guessing the judge will note that he never got over 20 mph and likely limit him to sixty days in jail.

This makes a guy from Bama pause.  We don't get too many nude drivers around Bama, and this might be a trend which stirs up local Baptist folks a bit.  You'd hope that it only attracts guys....but I'm willing to bet that women end up in this situation, and it just becomes a big mess in the end.

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