Monday, 29 October 2012


It's a bit unusual to watch a hurricane arrive in slow motion.

Since the middle of last week....we've kinda known here in the DC area that Sandy was coming.  Folks have had five days to prepare.

The real hurricane starts to arrive on Monday night and runs through most of Tuesday.  But there's a bunch of rain and wind to come tonight (Sunday), and run through all of Monday.  So the federal government finally came out late today and said Monday will be a off-day.  They won't talk about Tuesday....but you can figure it'll be worse than Monday, so it'll be a off-day.

The METRO guys?  Here on Sunday evening....they finally came out and said they just won't run anything for Monday at all.  Absolute shutdown as of midnight tonight.  They probably won't run anything on Tuesday either.

The electrical companies have called far and wide for reinforcements.  They had to admit that several of the neighboring states won't provide anything because they expect trouble too.

For roughly thirty-six hours.....folks are now going into wait-and-see mode.

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