Sunday, 21 October 2012

Smelling Trouble a Mile Away

Thirty years never brought up voter fraud, and no one ever mentioned it on TV or the radio.

Today....we've all heard the comments.  Most of us don't know anyone....who'd be that stupid.

How bad is the problem?  You just don't know.  Over the past eight have a couple of cases which pop up.  Several folks have gotten jail-time (they were shocked just how serious this is taken).

Some folks feel that it's nothing much to worry about.  The problem here is that folks have free time, and databases that they've forced the county clerk to hand over.  So they spend weeks analyzing columns and eventually find a dozen guys in their town....who are registered a state over, or a county over.  They call the prosecutor....and this turns into a mess.

Fear?  You would think that a year in some state prison would put a heck of a lot of fear into you.  You'd think that a fine of $8k might scare you.  You'd think of lawyer fees being near $15k to save your butt....being enough to keep you sane.  But folks seem to enjoy that second vote.  It just ain't worth it.

My prediction is that hundred of folks will be looking over data and find at least five hundred folks who were double-voting.  By the end of January, the authorities in various states will be asking folks to come down and explain some issues to the local judge.  Your cousin will suggest paying off the local Democratic judge, or rigging up a $2k bag of money for some Republican prosecutor get out of trouble.  Grandma will be praying for you.  And your uncle Karl (life-long Democrat), will ask how you could be that stupid?

The sad thing is that the last thing on your mind in 2016....will be voting.  You probably will never vote again.

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