Thursday, 11 October 2012

Some Simple Truths

There's this discussion going on about cutting the $445 million a year from the US government budget item for PBS, which might kill Big Bird, Ernie, and perhaps the Cookie Monster.  In the past week, someone cited this thirty-year research project which shows that Sesame Street has a dramatic affect on the educational and social progress of killing the funding might be a terrible thing.  Perhaps we should go on borrowing money from the Chinese guys, to help keep Sesame Street going.  Then this terrible truth popped up in my mind.  What exactly did we do.....before the fall of 1970....when PBS, Sesame Street, and Big Bird did not exist?   How did we advance as a society before 1970.....without Bert and Ernie, or PBS?  I doubt if the original budget from the US government was more than $10 million (you don't find anyone commenting on that 1970 budget contribution, which is odd).  And now, we need to find $445 million a save society?

At some point yesterday, the President explained part of his debate troubles...was that he was too polite. He apparently, won't be polite in the next debate.  Of the six hundred-odd reasons you could give for a decent but average debate episode..... politeness would usually be near number 595.  I can't think of too many folks ever faulting you for being too polite.  Most southerners regard politeness as one of the top ten characteristics that any gentleman ought to have and utilize on a daily basis.  So for the second debate, the guy intends to be get more attention at the end?

It was mentioned in today's news that the Rolling Stones will be doing another tour, with Mick Jagger who will be turning 70 in the next year.  It's hard to imagine that a seventy-year old guy would want to run around the country....staying up in hotels nightly....eating food on the run....boozing it nightly with buddies....singing up 1970s rock tunes or pretending to sing while the CD machine blends in his voice.....and get some enjoyment out of it.  The sad truth that some idiots would actually pay $125 to see a 70-year old guy just stand on the stage and sing up a couple of tunes which don't mean much forty years later.

There are seventy thousand pages of tax code written since the 1920s and used for the daily running of our American federal tax system.  Some paragraphs help the shrimp fishermen of Alabama, but not those of Florida.  Some paragraphs help the cattlemen of Kansas, but not those of Oregon.  The simple truth is....nothing is right or fair about taxes in America.  We've mentioned this unfairness for over fifty years, and basically gotten nowhere with the politicians.  Course, we've also mentioned that paying $60k for some professor to go and study butterfly's in Argentina as a project for some American university is plain stupid....but that didn't worry the politicians either.

The Federal Court guys stood up and said that South Carolina can have the voter ID law....only, it has to start in 2013, not 2012.  There's just not enough time to educate folks that you'd need an ID to vote in state elections....according to the Federal Court guys.  To be kinda honest, you could spend ten years attempting to educate folks in South Carolina about the necessity of always having an ID on your person in order to vote, and I imagine that five percent of voters would always show up without any ID.  Course, this is the same group that probably forgets to put their underwear on each day, or forgets to fasten their seat-belts or forgets to close the door to the bathroom when visiting relatives and using their facilities.  I don't know if the federal government can ever fix this five-percent group.

Finally, I've sat and watched four episodes of the new TV show Revolution now.  You can see some creative things to relate the show to Lost, and to keep people gripped to the show.  So far, the most curious part of this bold new world projected by the producers, which has no electrical or gas powered that you just plain don't see any guns (usually, it's muskets)....but rarely do guns get displayed.  You are told....after the downfall of the American government....guns were all confiscated.  Once so far, there's been a scene where a guy had a gun, and ended up being killed because of ownership of a gun.  It's a pretty oddball scenario, and I'm having doubts that I'll make it past episode seven on this series.

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