Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sprinkling YouTube Magic Dust on Everything

Yesterday....they had this nifty question and answer episode over at the State Department.  The State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland....jumped right in, and went right back to the claim started three weeks ago....that the YouTube video was the root cause of the ambassador being killed in Libya.  Course, over the last ten days....that story got squashed by a dozen high-level government folks who had to appear in front of cameras or congress.  But she went right back to the original claim...after VP Joe this week said the same thing.

A guy could get this feeling of the Paraguay government being more competent than these guys in DC.

So.....this is how this would all work.

A guy could ask how the recession occurred, and be told that some guy started a rumor in California on YouTube of bank failure....then the next day....banks just all failed.

A guy could ask the gov’t spokesperson how Fast and Furious worked, and they’d respond that a YouTube video from upstate Michigan started the whole thing.

A guy could ask how GM came to bankruptcy and fail, and they'd respond that a YouTube video clip from a Ford muffler guy....started the whole thing.  GM never would have failed unless the Ford guy tripped them up on the clip.

A guy could ask how these solar panel companies came to fail, and they'd respond that a YouTube video from some guy name Hung Jung in China....started this whole failure rumor, and collapsed the company.

A guy could ask how 9-11 really occurred, and they'd respond that some Ossama guy from Afghanistan started a YouTube video suggesting planes hit the towers, and the towers collapsed....which started this whole "rumor" of Taliban terrorists.

A guy could ask who got the stimulus money from Congress, and they'd respond that a video clip on YouTube started a rumor of stimulus money, but it's just not true that money ever got spent or allocated like Fox News says.

Eventually....folks would ask if Santa Claus was real, and they'd respond that bogus video clips on YouTube started this Santa rumor, and it's just plain false.

At some point, we'd determine that shutting down YouTube might be in our national interest, then discover that it didn't have much to do with any mess.

Confusing?  Yeah.  It's like asking a Baptist minister if you sipped one bit of whiskey on Saturday night, and if that was enough to send you off to hell.  It's all dependent on how foolish the minister wants to be.  (the truth is....six sips....would cross the line and you'd have to carry a Bible around with you for six weeks straight to get the hell-curse off your back).  But don't go looking on YouTube for an explanation for this.

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Herb Anthony said...

JESUS CHRIST......................get off the Youtube video craphole.
Anyone with half a God Damn brain would know you never make such an important statement unless you have FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of the exact cause. What if the truth turned out to be true (even though it turns out it was not) and they announced it was a terrorist attack? Wouldn't THAT have been more damaging? Give it a break. Caution has a place in REALITY.