Friday, 19 October 2012

The Bearded Guy

It probably won't be discussed much on major news networks....but there's been a fight brewing in court with the Fort Hood shooter....the Muslim Army major who shot and wounded a number of US Army personnel back in 2009.

The fight?  Well....the major says that he ought to be able to retain a beard part of his Muslim religious episode, and appear in the court-martial with the beard.  Naturally, the military judge in charge of this....said no.

The major's defense team is pushing the issue higher....basically spending a fair amount of time arguing this and delaying the case....over a beard.  In a's become a comical side of this pretty dramatic court episode.

The problem that the major spent his entire career in the Army, with a shaved face....although he was a Muslim for the entire time. The pay-back so far in delaying the case?  Well....the Army dumped a $1k fine onto the Major....six times now.

I don't think the Major cares much about the fine....or the beard....and this whole thing is about delay tactics only.  Final judgement?  Most Army folks want him put into an execution situation because thirteen Army personnel are dead because of his terror tactics.

It might be another year before the case is finally wrapped up and some judgement passed down.  The Army will admit they'd like a speedy situation, but this has become anything but that.

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