Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Debate

There are three observations I can make from last night's debate.

First, after thirty minutes (I did keep flipping back to the Tigers-Yankees game every six minutes....I admit that)....I came to feel like the positive attitude that the President demonstrated (180-degree improvement)....sure did look like a guy who gulped down a couple of Five-Hour containers of caffeine. The President looked all peppy and totally different from the first debate.  Either he was on downers for the first debate, or on some caffeine enhancement drink for this episode (a six-pack of Mountain Dew works too).

Second, Candy (the moderator).....did the best she could.  Thirty years ago....there was a hundred great journalists in America who could stand at the podium and mange these two guys, and slap down the Republican guy without looking like an idiot.  Today, I doubt if there's more than five journalists left in America with the talent of taking on Romney or Ryan, and acting like a real journalist.  We've accepted weaker journalism as part of CNN or the New York Times.  Candy was doing the best that you could expect, and it just wasn't worth discussing afterwards.

Third, pound for pound....I thought Romney was mostly even with the President.  No obvious winners.  Except for the Detroit Tigers.

What's left?  One debate....which the President would have to give a five-star performance to flip independent voters into another direction.  The whole mess now is tied to independents, and I think they've been shocked over how much weight their vote will carry in this election.  Oh, and the Tigers?  They are whipping the New York Yankees and their mighty $100 million line-up.  The better show was actually with the Tigers last night.  

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