Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Discussion of Vegetables

This is what we know.

Lake County School District decided to take a very big step and mandate the serving of vegetables on every school dish.  It must absolutely be served, period.

The school decided after watching all of the past school year, that they had to be throwing almost $75k worth of vegetables into the dumpster.

The District now wants to install a cam near the garbage can and capture what exactly the kids are throwing away, and get a better idea of what works and what gets tossed.

You can imagine this guy....sitting at a TV and monitoring the two-hour long video....lettuce tossed, lettuce not tossed, etc.  Five days a week.

At the end of each week, this guy probably hands in a report....which is eagerly ready by the District School Board.  They will meet, discuss the reports, and the video clips.  Serious talk....over carrots tossed or beans eaten.

The results? just don't know.  If kids eat lettuce and tend to accept it.....does it mean that they have to serve lettuce daily?  After two weeks of continued lettuce....most folks will just toss it and say they are tired of it.

This job of viewer?  Do you get paid for this?  Could you accept $16 a day to watch two hours of kids throwing cabbage in a garbage can?

It's kind of a sad way to run a school and worry about oddball things like this.  Two baloney sandwiches and a bottle of Gator-aid is enough for most kids.  Just fill them up....give them some sugar for the last three hours of the day, and get back to work.

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