Friday, 12 October 2012

The Diversity of Being Anti-Diverse

There's this nifty growing job area called Chief Diversity Officer.  What it typically means, is that you run around the company or organization.....ensuring that everyone stays focused on accepting diversity.  You give training seminars.....and work on building a diverse atmosphere.  Naturally, being a diversity expert.....means you can be against smokers, rednecks, and Conservative folks (typically).

So this is a rather simple story.  There's a private college in the Washington DC area called Gallaudet University.  They have Chief Diversity Officer, who lives over in Maryland, and is a resident of Maryland.  In fact, she's a registered voter there.  This November, this a ballot initiative in Maryland over gay marriages.  Some folks up a challenge, to ensure gay marriages don't get state approval.  There was this petition that got passed around.

Well....the Chief Diversity Officer of Gallaudet University.....signed the petition in support of going against gay marriages.  I don't think she really intended to advertise this fact....but someone on the facilty turned the complaint in.  You just can't have your Chief Diversity Officer....going against gay marriage.

So this week, they suspended the Chief Diversity Officer.

What happened here?  Well....I suspect that the Chief Diversity Officer sat there and realized this bonanza that could out of something like this.  You sign a petition that openly challenges the job you are in.....the leadership are fairly stupid about what they will achieve by firing you.....and you smile as they fire you.  A month will pass, and some lawyer will show up to sue the university.

Since you are a resident of Maryland, you had the right to sign a petition.  They can't fire you for signing a petition, unless they are idiots in management.

You grin over at them as the lawyer explains the two prices they have to pay.  Since you've only been there a year (as the news guys hint) basically suggest that you would have worked there until they owe you the salary difference, along with the pension or 401k deal at the end.  Figure at least $2 million involved in this one payment.  Then there's the "damages" for taking away your state civic rights.  Figure around $6 to $10 million for this deal.

The university brings in their fancy lawyer....not the idiot who helped shape the firing.  He tells you to settle up and offer $4 million in hopes that you will accept this and walk away.

You grin, and just say'd like the $10 million number more.

Eventually, they offer $6 million and you accept that.  For roughly two years of working with some glorified education just got yourself a huge pay-off.  You can retire to Florida and hand your lawyer $1 million for representing you.

The humble truth here is that once you get into diversity mostly just becomes a joke as people manipulative the system.     You could give up and let the gal back into the school....but I'm guessing a bunch of gay folks over at the college will be all anti-diverse over someone like this being a leader in the school.

Kind of comical....if you think about it.

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