Friday, 26 October 2012

The Final Twelve Days

This is my last political comment over the election prior to voting day.

Basically you've got a race between candidate A and candidate B.....and any hope of either saving the economy of America is virtually zero.  If either had full control of their party and were to take the necessary edge in the House (at least half) and Senate (60), then there might be another minor changes to convince industry and business that things have turned around.  The odds of getting enough of your guys to win both the necessary numbers?  Zero.  

Our marginal and stagnant economy is likely to continue on for at least another decade.

On election night, one side loses....and will get all upset.  This negative view of how things went.....will last on....until the next election.  Doesn't matter which candidate is the winner....we the public....get stuck with a continued daily mess of election hype, until 2016.  We might all wise up and refuse to watch these idiots pout....but it's going to be a daily event that makes us laugh.

On candidate A....I'm continually amazed that a Hawaii-born guy, who spent a couple of years in California  Columbia University in New York City, a year or two at Harvard University, and then years in Illinois....has mastered this wonderful fake southern accent.  As far as I know....other than swinging by a golf course or campaign stop in the south....he's never spent a day there.  At a drop of a nickel, he can dump the southern accent and suddenly become neutral voice.

On candidate B.....folks need to slap themselves silly to grasp that this is the only Governor in American history to deliver state-run medical care to a heavily Democratic-state.  Now he says.....that he will unplug Obama Care...if elected.  Course, he'd need sixty senators and half of the House.  The odds?  Zero chance.  Other than the Supreme Court still acting to dismantle pieces, or the House refusing to fund various pieces of legislation to support Obama will continue on.  If the IRS doesn't get the funding to be the chief agent of money around's doomed.

All these Hollywood or political-chat 'dogs' that came out to voice support for Candidate A or Candidate B?  Frankly, your opinion don't matter to most Americans.  Most folks don't care if you like this brand of oil in your car, or prefer this salsa over that salsa, or sip Diet Mountain Dew.

Finally, we come to sequestration.  About a week after the election....a bunch of folks will sit down and find that there's hostility being the "loser".  The only useful conclusion by mid-December is simply to extend the mess into March of 2013.  If Candidate A wins.....he just won't deal with the House or any effort to limit new taxes.  Sequestration will fully occur, and he'll naturally blame the Republicans for the terrible woes that he inherited...letting George Bush finally off the hook.  If Candidate B wins....he'll find that the President has zero interest in fixing sequestration for the remainder of the year, and wants it as a nuke for the new incoming guy.  Amazingly one has ever asked Senator Harry Reid where this sequestration idea came from (Harry admits, he put it into the system....but he just isn't smart enough to create things like this).

We probably deserve better than this.

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