Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Little Oriental Guy

So, this is what we know.

This Asian-looking guy gets on the plane in Japan, flies into South Korea, and boards a plane to the US.  In the US....they look the guy over.  He's wearing flame retardant pants, and a bullet-proof vest.  In his bags?  A smoke grenade.  Then, there's the leg irons, the body bags, some billy clubs, a hatchet, a collapsible baton, a roll or two of duct tape and a biohazard suit.

The guy?  A US citizen of Asian descent.  His reasons for the items?  He won't talk much.

His final destination?  Boston.  Criminal record?  Zero.  His background?  No one really knows much.  He has worked for some time in Japan, but no one is sure what line of work.

Violation of laws?  Well...the smoke grenade being carried on the plane might carry a federal violation, and California (where he landed) has some laws about bill clubs.  The smoke grenade might be serious enough to get you a month or two in some federal jail.

The thing is....the cops are kinda curious.  There's no details over why he needed these.

My theory?  He's a mafia employee from Japan.  He does the dirty work that no one else wants to handle.    If you needed a guy to do really really rough'd call up this guy to handle the problem. You need someone to'd call this guy.

The California cops will have to charge him with something by Friday.  Without any talking or information....they don't have much to go on.  Bail?  Probably in the $1 million range, but someone will walk in and pay it.  The story will disappear within a week, and the guy will never be seen again after he pays the bail.  Just my humble belief.

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