Friday, 19 October 2012

The Native Show

I have an addiction for one particular TV show....which usually shocks folks.  South Park.

Last night was a fresh new episode....which I came to view as one of the three best episodes they've delivered.

Butters has demonstrated some behavioral problems.  The school is on the verge of suspending him.  His parents come over and view Butters, then request that Butters be let out for several days to "fix" his problem.

The parents come to reveal to Butters....that they are not like regular people.  They are "natives".....of Hawaii....thus being different than regular people.  And the time has come for Butters to go back to Hawaii....for a ceremony of becoming a man.  Course, no description is ever given for any of this.  Then they hand Butters their Hawaii 'rewards' card....which gives every 'native' a discount.

Somewhere in this event of travel....Kenny is the one to go and travel to Hawaii with Butters.

As we come to find out....a bunch of white Americans have come into Hawaii over the past decade....all claiming some native status....all having a discount card....and pretending to act Hawaiian...when they aren't.  They take Butters in and will introduce him to 'native-status'.

Kenny is viewed as an outsider, and is barely allowed to stay.  Trouble brews....when the discount card business is suddenly terminated, and the natives get restless without it.

Then Kenny is tasked to perform in some manly Hawaiian function, which he fails, and is washed away.  Butters is confused but accepts Kenny's fate.  A war then erupts between the Americans, and the 'natives'. Naturally, things go bad for the Americans, then bad for the 'natives'.

Kenny eventually returns....saves the day....and all the natives are happy.

The true moment of the show?  There are two moments when Kenny is writing back to Stan and the gang in Colorado...using a British-like voice and writing like Graham Greene or Joseph Conrad (Lord Jim).  For a brief was a five-star writing experience, and you could only wish that the show would last an entire hour.

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