Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Non-Existent $330

I'm the guy in our military organization, who monitors the GPC....the Government-Purchase-Card (our fancy VISA-card).  We get a budget each year in October, and have until the end of September to spend that budget.  On 1 Oct, whatever remaining on that mostly no longer exists.  That's the way that the federal government works.

Well....a funny thing happen this week.  The US Banks folks....who run our GPC....came out and gave a rebate of $330-odd bucks.  They gave it to us on 10 October.

I thought....great.  We need to buy some pens and paper, and the real FY2013 budget has yet to clear up.  So we have $330 on that account that could be spent.

Not so fast, says the budget gal.....that's all old money, and it no longer can be used in the new finance year.

I sat shock.

Thousands of organizations have this GPC, and an account.  They all got a rebate around the first week of October.  Some might be ten bucks....some might be a thousand bucks.

As the money flowed's non-existent.  I can't use it.  The US government can't use it.  You can't even buy toilet paper with it.

There's millions of rebate money that we could use....but you can't use it.

I sat there...thinking....there are a thousand things wrong with the federal government.  If they'd given me the rebate money on 25 September.....I would have spent it.  They didn't.  They just held it, and it disappeared.  I can't even give it back to Congress to hand out as a free gift for unemployed people in America.  That's the sad thing about this.

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