Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Third District

It won't appear in your national news, your local newspaper, or anything much that you read.  Across the river from Maryland, and there is a nifty congressional district that they've created.  The third district.

So you look at the map and find the dark areas, and then you start laughing at the twists and turns to make the third district exist.

Who is responsible for this?  The state legislature....which is run by the Democrats currently.  Once you start a district on has to continue to touch all parts of the region, which this does....with the exception of a coastal area to the south.

The media? has been observed and mentioned in Maryland a minor degree.  The Washington Post came to mention the comical side of this district in today's paper.

The purpose of the twists? get the right people voting in the right elections.  It's that simple.

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