Friday, 12 October 2012

The Thursday Night Debate

There's only four observations I can make over the Ryan-Biden debate.

First, I think Biden did a better job than the President did ten days ago.  I would give Biden that much credit.  Ryan might come out like a three point lead on this humble better than that.

Second, these laugh or smirk episodes that Biden did during the debate....kept getting my attention.  It wasn't really a negative, but it just kept occurring throughout the whole debate.  There's probably seventy of the smirks in all.

Third, yes....there were a number of interruptions by the VP (Biden) on Ryan.  More than fifty or sixty times....I'm guessing.  After a while, I kept looking for interruptions by Ryan on Biden....but over the last thirty minutes of the "show"....I just didn't notice any.  Maybe Ryan was more's hard to say.  The interruptions were fairly regular....I doubt if VP Joe ever made it more than four minutes max, without an interruption.  I hope he doesn't do this to the President on a regular routine.

Finally, whoever the dentist is for VP Joe....he does a good job and really whiten up Joe's teeth an awful lot.  On the teeth whiteness scale....Joe is a plus-eleven, on a ten-point scale.  Maybe teeth whiteness isn't a big deal in picking a VP, but after an hour of tend to notice stuff like this.

Note: if you did watch CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and Fox News after the debate, then you'd have the official results of fifty percent of folks saying VP Joe won, fifty percent saying Rep Ryan won, fifty percent saying that neither won, and fifty percent saying the moderator did better than Ryan and VP Joe combined.  Kinda like that Manbearpig creature that Al Gore created for the Southpark show.

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