Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Training Story

Across the river from me.....over into Maryland territory....there's this county which shall remain nameless.  The county commission has met and there is this topic on the table.  Crimes....especially robberies at night at convenience stores....has gone up drastically.  So the county wants to require stores who have folks working late at night....mandate training for the employees.  The type of training?  How to handle a robbery, or in plain English....how to be robbed properly.

I sat and pondered over this.  Some county guy will run a special seminar....basically telling you to quickly hand over the cash and fall to the floor.

In Bama....we'd eyeball the robber for about five seconds.  Without a gun in his hands....you just don't see a reason to take him serious.  So you pick up the baseball bat or the 2x4 piece of lumber, and you just whack the heck out of the guy.  No sympathy or pity.....just hit on him as hard as you can.

What I imagine will happen is that forty or fifty guys will sign up for the class, and most will all be wanna-be robbers who want to know insight on how to properly rob some store.  Later, the county commission will figure this out, and dismantle the whole mess overnight.

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