Thursday, 25 October 2012

"Yes" or "No"

Across the river from me....into Maryland....this election season....there's like eight or nine key measures that are "yes" or "no" on the ballot.  Some are worthless for most residents to answer....some are important.

In recent weeks....there's a barrage of ad's that run from 4AM to 7AM on the morning news.  You need to vote "yes" on measure seven, "no" on measure eight, or opposite.

The ad's have become so generic and so misleading....that you really have no idea what the measure is about....except at the "yes" or "no".  This morning....some guy spent twenty seconds talking about West Virginia....before getting to the "yes" part of the vote deal, and you suddenly realized it was a Maryland measure.

I suddenly came to realize this morning....for the common man....there's no way of remembering these, and folks are now likely to vote "no" for all eight measures just because it's so damn confusing.

If you asked nine out of ten Maryland folks to describe in one sentence each measure....they'd respond that they just can't do it.  They know one measure has something to do with gay marriage, but I doubt if a majority can remember which is which.  And they know one measure has to deal with casino gambling, but they have no idea what the intent really is in the end.

Yeah, in a democracy....things can get kinda tangled up.  You'd like to be able to hire legislature folks to do the work....but they just don't want any trouble with they dump it back on those folks to mess with the tough business.   And they've tried to make this simple....."yes" or "no".  No maybes.

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