Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Humble Opinion

Some products are often introduced in certain countries that have lax rules over their consumption.  The deal is that once you get it intrduced in one country....authorities in other countries start to feel some pressure.

Well....Pepsi went to Japan and introduced fat-blocking Pepsi.  The deal is pile up some food on your plate with lots of fat.  You drink fat-blocker Pepsi with the fatty foods.  Somehow, by the grace of God and science....the fat doesn't stay in your system.  It gets mixed Pepsi fat-blocker, and moves out.

Dextrin is the key element in this soda.  It basically causes the body to refuse accepting fat during this period of consumption.  That fat has to move on out.

So I sat and pondered over this.  You go out to some fast-food restaurant and consume a bit of food.....most of it....fatty.  You drink up two of these Pepsi fat-blocker sodas.  It would seem like the fat....since you consumed the sodas....has to move on out.  To me, that means you will be needing the bathroom sometime in the next eight hours, and there's a fair amount of fat that will get squeezed out of your liver area...quickly.

The liver is a device of fantastic nature.  It takes those terrible toxins in your body, and expels them.  The liver takes those great nutrients and pumps them out into the bloodstream.  The liver even takes on proteins and cholesterol (there's good and bad cholesterol).  Heck, the liver even converts glucose into glycogen.

For some reason, I'm looking at the liver and how it's going to react to Pepsi fat-blocker and a massive amount of Dextrin.  Maybe for a year or two.....things might work ok.  But I suspect the liver of some folks is going to eventually react in a negative way.  It's getting used to pumping that fat out quickly.  The liver is supposed to react to things in a sequence.  Pepsi fat-blocker could end up training the liver to react differently.  And that might not be a very good thing.  If you end up with a bad liver, you have a bad problem.

My humble guess is that Pepsi fat-blocker will be on the US market within three years.  Mothers will be giving their teens a six-pack of the soda each week with no issues.  Schools might even sell the stuff.  But I suspect a year or two after that....some folks are going to report liver issues.  If things sound too good to be true....they probably aren't true.

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