Monday, 5 November 2012

A Show About Nothing

I sat and watched 60 Minutes.  It used to be a show on analysis and investigative talents.  On this evening, it reminded one of a couple of sixth-graders who do a project for Mrs. Jones and do a wink-wink at the end to amaze everyone how smart they are.

Tonight, they wanted to talk for twelve minutes on why the Senate such a failure.  Imagine that.

The Senate has apparently lost it's compass to compromise.  Several outgoing folks wanted to let 60 Minutes in on the big secret.  It's terrible.  Sixty Minutes went into it's wink-wink attitude.

At some point, they dragged the McConell dude and Senator Harry out.....trying to get them both to admit that the Senate is in terrible shape....all due to radical behavior on both sides.  Senator McConnell spent eight seconds trying to bring up the fact that most Americans want smaller government, lesser federal budgets, and taxes to be cut.

60 Minutes cut him off as quickly as possible.  You really can't allow this topic to be brought up in public....especially with the 60 Minutes viewers because then they'd ask why they hadn't been mentioned before.

So on they went....trying to detail out how all the moderates have died away.  If just a couple of Republicans would bend over to the Democratic path....surely we could fix this mighty nation....cure economic ills....and put things on a righteous path.  It is the evil know, holding back America.

If compromise had been the drinking word for the game.....I would have had at least fifteen shots of booze before the end of the twelve-minute analysis piece.

60 Minutes then choose to end its piece with this.  Almost all of the incumbents who ran....are coming back for another six years, guaranteed on Tuesday.  So whatever disagreements they had before....will just continue on with the next new team.

In was a show about nothing, and in the was analysis and investigative reporting over nothing.  In twenty years, they had slipped to the point where they couldn't really do their job.

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