Monday, 5 November 2012

Benghazi, from the Heartland

After a couple of weeks....a regular can pause and ponder over Benghazi.  You won't get much of any explanation from the President or the next sixty-two individuals after him.  "We will get to the bottom of this" is a good theme if your car was screwed up and in the mechanic's garage for a week, but if you run an operation ought to have real facts after seven days.

So, from the heartland....let's ask ourselves some stupid questions.

Man, there seems to be a ton of CIA guys gathered down in Benghazi...who ended up in this rescue-the-ambassador episode.  A convention?  Gathering to tell war-stories?  Having a bar-b-q?  Don't know.  No one much talks over that.

If you wrote down the ambassadors to thirty civilized countries (like Finland, South Korea, and Italy), there's typically a guy with the ambassador's vehicle, and a second vehicle with three guards who accompany him.  So here we are in a very uncivilized country....and the ambassador has almost no security at all?  The mayor in New York City has more protection....than this guy had.  The mayor of Miami....has more protection.  Something doesn't make sense here.

This CIA guy who was 'painting' the target that night....who or what was overhead?  If it was a Predator.....did it have Hellfire missiles?  If the Hellfires were there.....who would authorize them to be fired?  Who failed to authorize the firing of the missiles?

Finally, maybe it's an odd thing....but have you noticed that there's almost no mention of any activity in Syria over the last couple of weeks since this episode unfolded?  CNN used to provide daily live feeds from Syria, and it was a major topic that they'd pass to viewers.  Now, CNN doesn't talk or do much of anything with Syria.  ABC and CBS?  Nothing much.  They used to have five minutes a week of coverage spread out in the evening, nothing.  And it kinda stopped as the Benghazi episode unfolded.  A relationship of some type?  You don't know.  It's just odd over the timing of a big story, and suddenly a second story just hanging up.

Here's the bottom line.  Come January, with an abundance of Democratic Senators....Senator McCain will try to get some interest in getting to the Benghazi mess.  My guess is that no committee will touch it.  Unless President Romney becomes a reality.....the whole Benghazi thing will just drop off the plate and be forgotten within four months.  At the end of 2013....some idiot from the New York Times will write an entire book over the episode with secret interviews he concluded with inside-the-White-House people and CIA folks.  That's the only way that we will find an answer....I think.

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