Friday, 16 November 2012

Just Humble Observations

First, the Senate came up today with a new chairman for the Senate Budget Committee.....Senator Patty Murray from Washington state.  Right off the bat, she wanted everyone to know....that she just didn't have it as a top priority to work up a budget package, which had been the top job of the Committee for two hundred years, and then suddenly three years ago was regulated to being unimportant.  Here's a fact which may shock you.  The democrats actually have sufficient vote today in the Senate to pass any single budget (you merely need a simple majority of 51 to carry the Senate....not sixty as you would for regular laws).  They could pass a budget today easily, with all their members.  The problem is....a fair number of Democrats are in fragile voting situations and just don't want the pressure of voting on a budget.  It's a sad way to run things.

Second, hidden between stories...there's a directive by Pentagon chief Leon all cover some type of ethics training.  There's roughly a thousand generals and admirals in today's military. So you can imagine these guys sitting there and realizing they don't really have a ethics program.  So they will run off and hire some company to teach them ethics.  It'll be some weekend session in San Diego probably....the thousand generals check into some hotel....sit through eight hours of fancy ethics talk, then run off to the bar and all get drunk and do stupid things that evening to get into further trouble.  When they do finally return to their regular job....they will be all pumped up on ethics and think that all of their people need ethics training too....thus creating this giant wave of ethics training across the US military.  Everyone will be shaking their head because ninety percent of folks do the right thing as part of their general character   If you ask me....this whole thing has turned into a comedy.'s come out in public now that there was substantial classified info on the Petraeus mistress's home computer.  Now, she is a reserve Army officer and has a security clearance....but you just can't have classified data on your home computer.  I'm guessing they will go line by line, and eventually come to this point of saying that charges have to be developed.  At the very least....she will go through a court martial in the summer of 2013.  My humble guess is that she will be dishonorably discharged, and could face some time in a military jail for this....depending on the type and variety of classified info.  How stupid do you have to be?  This is what I don't get....she knows better.

Fourth and final....there's a hint of the new chief of CNN.  It could be the Dick Clark Productions guy.....Mark Shapiro.  The thing is....he has no background in the news business.  He's an entertainment production guy.  A signal?  Well....if you can't sell your product anymore in the market place because most folks prefer either MSNBC or Fox News, then you have to re-market your product.  I'm guessing you will start to notice CNN carrying a lot of entertainment news.  You might get a full hour of Hollywood news at 7PM, maybe a full hour of celebrity rehab at 8PM, and toss in a full hour of celebrity camping and fishing at 9PM.   I know that Wolfe would go nuts over this type of operation, but frankly....who is watching CNN now?

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