Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Just a Little Doctor Problem

Some smart folks over at the Robert Graham Center, which researches trends in health care....came up and wanted folks to know something pretty serious.

According to their numbers....America needs around 52k MORE doctors by keep up with the growing population in the US.

I sat and read over the little article.  It presents this case that only the US government can fix making sure more doctors exist.  I sat and would the US government accomplish this?

Well....they could pay for the education with federal funds.  That might entice a couple thousand kids to be doctors.  Course, we'd pay more on taxes....already on top of more for health care that we got ourselves into.

They could recruit a bunch of nurses to go the next step up....just by doing a recruitment campaign.

They could go and hire up a couple thousand foreign doctors.  Folks might be a bit upset over some French-speaking female nurse with fancy five-inch heels, or having some Russian doctor with a Colt-45 on his hip as he checks you out.

They could even entice a number of doctors to stand around after retirement offering up tax credits (the evil Republicans would think in that fashion).

Bottom line?  If you are still living around probably are lucky if you have a decent nurse who checks on your health occasionally, and if you get in real serious condition....maybe you get an appointment with a doctor.  You'd best not have big expectations about medical care by that point.

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