Saturday, 3 November 2012

Just Observations

I think after twenty-four hours....if I were a resident of Staten Island, NY....after the hurricane....I would have made the decision to pack up the car with what I got left, and just leave.  Wouldn't matter where I went....maybe to relatives or such....but I'd give up.  FEMA won't really be there for at least ten days.  The US government will wake up and deploy the military but it might be two weeks before they arrive.  When the smoke'll take three months (in the winter) to clear off the streets and say that water, sewage, and power are running right.  Toss in corrupt contractors, incompetent union electrical guys, and  political figures who keep showing up for photo chances, and it's just not worth staying there.  Get the insurance check, and give up.  The grass will be a heck of lot greener down in Tennessee.  Remember, New Orleans never got back it's population after Katrina.

News reports indicate that after a couple of days without water, power and New York City....that folks are now relieving themselves in the hallways of their apartment building.  With all the various streets around.....apparently that doesn't interest folks.

With the election now three days away....I can say that I've had enough of the political ads on TV.  Here in amounts to roughly twenty-five ads per hour.  Most conflict with each other.  One will run a anti-Obama bad economy piece, then comes a anti-Romney bad economy piece.  If you were an'd have the mind that no matter what happens on Tuesday....we are going to heck in a hand-basket.  Sadly, as a Virginia resident....I also know a good bit about Maryland's proposition seven, which was supposed to allow casino growth in the steal Virginia money away from West Virginia which is the nearest real casino operation.

Finally, from my local neighborhood (across the river into DC)....cops got called out to a domestic violence episode.  Some mid-twenties guy and his were going pretty violent.  Cop arrives and suddenly gets attacked from behind by the attacker, with a knife going into the cop's neck area.  Cop whips around....fires one bullet....killing the guy.  Cop might end up with's a severe wound, but at least he will survive.  The other idiot will be buried in a couple of days.  You have to figure drugs are somewhere in this mix, but as always.....there's not going to be any drug-testing done with the dead guy.  

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