Monday, 5 November 2012

Just Observations

It's hard to say what's reality here.  There's a story in Ohio that the Democratic Party has 600 lawyers in Cuyahoga County....ready to go and challenge the vote just in that county.  And across the state of Ohio....another 2,500 lawyers.  You can imagine a county registration office...usually staffed with old ladies with barely a high school education....having 600 lawyers attempt to storm their office and make demands.  If this race in Ohio is less than 5k votes from the winner to the loser....I'm betting on all the county registration clerks quitting in mass if they have to face weeks of angry and upset lawyers.  

John Cusak, the 2-star actor who occasionally gets one good part....has decided that he will play Rush Limbaugh.  Apparently, so liberal guys believe that they can mount a movie production deal....with Cusak playing Rush.  I sat and pondered over this.  In the entire state of Virginia.....we might have 300 folks who'd be willing to pay $8 to watch such a movie.  It kinda begs on how they'd ever pay for this, and expect any real money to come back on profits.  Better choices?  Well....that Kirk Douglas guy could play a damn-good Rush....but he's 95 years old.  I think Vin Diesel could do a good job, except it'd have to be a live-action adventure movie, with some shooting and bombs going off.  

Just a humble opinion....but if eight states have some dimwit winning by less than 2k votes (doesn't matter which) can expect this election episode to drag on past Thanksgiving.  Recount upon recount will occur.  So if you thought there might be a true winner by midnight tomorrow.....maybe you'd best get back to reality.

Finally, much of this polling business....uses some data that doesn't really take into account the creation of the Tea Party folks in 2009/2010.  Angry middle-of-the-road folks.....who weren't really motivated a decade ago to vote.  Today....I suspect that there are four million folks across the US who fall into this Tea Party group.  Polls don't grasp who they are, or their value.  Some folks might be shocked at the determined nature of these folks to show up and vote....unlike a decade ago.  

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