Saturday, 10 November 2012

Just Observations

CIA Director David Patreaus ended up resigning today...over an affair.

There are several odd things to ponder.

First, this gal is Paul Broadwell, who is some bigger than life research writer.  She's a West Point graduate who went onto various education experiences and you might consider as a intellectual of sorts....molded around the Army world.  She grew up in Bismark, North Dakota....ranch territory for the most part.  Married, with kids.  The folks who generally paid her bills over the last decade?  The New York Times and Boston Globe....two newspapers that wouldn't usually care for 2nd-rate journalism but they don't want glossy military heroes either.

Second, it's hard for a general or the head of the CIA to go out and conduct a secret affair.  You have to consider the atmosphere and people around you.  At the very least....ten people had to know that Patreaus was having an affair.

Third, timing is mostly everything.  Patreaus was supposed to be called up next week to explain Benghazi, and I'd suspect that he has some thoughts that might counter what the White House would like to say.

Fourth, at the heart of this episode.....the FBI is checking out Ms Broadwell because they think she had access to classified information.  It could be that some FBI agent simply put one and one together....realizing that the General had some relationship of a deeper nature.

Fifth, the reason for the FBI checking her out?  There is some speculation that she had a password to the Director's private email account.  Days spent gaining his trust...he slips one day checking his email in front of her, and she gets the email password.  She probably spent weeks and months cruising through his email....looking at various juicy pieces of gossip.  She probably wrote an article for the New York Times and drew the attention of the FBI, who sat and traced the whole scope of the article back to her and the nifty password that she had.  All compliments of the director.

Sixth and final....all of this comes days after the election?

Something smells funny about this deal.  The sad thing is that the media gets all peppy over this story, but hasn't uttered Benghazi at all.

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