Friday, 9 November 2012

Just Observations

As elections of the more interesting episodes ever came from the fall 2002 election in Germany. Gerhard Schroder (SPD) came to the end of four years as Chancellor with absolutely miserable numbers for the entire past year. Over sixty percent of the public readily agreed that he needed to be replaced.  But this was the period when the war into Iraq was about to occur.  Schroder made the terrible US invasion the only significant topic that he'd talk on. Nothing on the economy or why his numbers were lousy.  So election night...he somehow gets just a percentage or two higher than up a partnership with the Greens, and returns in October 2002 for a second term.  It took less than thirty days for the sixty percent negativity feeling to return.  The media continued for three years with a negative view of the second term.  So they run a third election, and he almost wins it.  As negative as the public was about his operation....he'd always find enough folks to vote him back.

Ryan Air....the little discount airline in around to talking about a stand-up only situation.  European regulations say you have to offer a seat in the act of getting a ticket, but the CEO or Ryan Air is challenging that.  He thinks it doesn't matter if you crash in a seat or standing up....the statistical demise is basically the same.  So like a herd of cattle....he'd like to let you on the plane, stand, and sell that standing ticket for less than $25.  You can imagine flying from London to Paris....around an hour....just standing up.  It's hard to say if folks would jump onto this idea.

After a day or two of sequestration talks....the Republicans laid out one single theme....there won't be any real taxes added.  They will discuss cutting loopholes, and their big emphasis is that you need to actually do budget cuts across the board.  Expectations?  Talks will continue up until the first week of December and I'd expect an extension to be discussed for an entire week, and accepted to the end of April of 2013.  Result?  Nothing.  You extend out this mess for a hundred days more or less.  The gamble by both parties is that this election would shift things around.  Basically, nothing changed.

I sat in the McDonalds area yesterday....watching fifteen minutes of some dimwit on CNN explain how the terrible Tea Party has destroyed the Republicans entirely.  The Republicans have lost the ability to compromise and hug their Democratic counterpart.  If only the Republicans could end the Tea Party....then compromise could occur.  So I sat and pondered.  I just don't remember Republicans and Democrats running around....ever....and hugging each other.  To be honest, the Tea Party guys don't have much of anything to threaten politics.  They don't throw cash at PACs.  The Tea Party doesn't have lawyers on their payroll to sue and stop lumber operations like some groups.  The Tea Party doesn't women around to sex-up the old political guys.  The fact is.....the only thing that each Tea Party guy or gal one single vote.  So when these dimwits appear on 60 Minutes, or NBC news, or CNN.....talking trash over the Tea's mostly because of the fear of a frustrated guy whose only political weapon in one single vote.

It is comical and only a guy from New Jersey or New York would laugh about this....but when that minor snowstorm came up on Wednesday....the FEMA office in Staten Island....shut down.

After Los Angles county in California passed it's new law in this week's election....requiring all lusty movie actors to wear condoms ...the lusty movie industry is now discussing the idea of leaving LA county.     They've done the research and found that they are fairly limited. They can work anywhere in California or New Hampshire....those are the only two states which allow lusty film production.

Finally, after Jesse Jackson Junior won his Representative race....the news media have discovered that he's in some kind of talks with the Feds....over some accusations.  His team won't talk over the topic, but it would appear that he's trying to work out a deal where he resigns from office.....has probation, and ends up walking away.  The Governor would then pick a new guy to handle the position.  It would probably make a great script for a movie, but no one would ever produce it.

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