Thursday, 8 November 2012

Late Flights

Yahoo put up a story over the worst airports in America for flight delays.

At the top were Newark, San Francisco  and Chicago.  In most cases if you check the numbers....they all tend to get problems after 3PM.

This is a favorite topic of mine.  I've spent hundreds of hours in airports over the years.  I'd say the vast number of flights...seventy percent....ran on schedule and things worked out well.  There's probably a dozen flights where I either got totally cancelled, or my flight was three hours late in taking off.

I've learned three valuable lessons when dealing with the delayed situations.  First, you need to go and immediately find a pub or sip slowly down some brew.  Sadly, you will be spending somewhere around $8 for that single drink.  The truth are trying to avoid aggravation in your gut.  Just standing there and fuming....will just make you angry and hostile. need to get a newspaper and occupy your time instead of concentrating on the lousy service or the 1-star airline that you booked the trip with.  It's best to fume over Senator Bob and his lousy comments....than the airline or the trip.

Third....just something to remember....but the vast number of airlines and airports tend to run correctly from 6AM to noon.  You might want to start your trip early and take advantage of statistics.  I once showed up at a airport at 4AM, boarding at 5:15AM and got to my destination three hours later.  The neat thing about flights taking off before 6AM.....they rarely have more than half the seats full.

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