Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My Black Friday Strategy

Basically, I don't shop on black Friday, period.  I think the last time that I actually went out and shopped was around 2002 at the Ramstein BX.  I've attempted it at various US locations prior to that, but frankly, my patience with the mobs you encounter is zero.

I don't see how people endear the mess.  By 9AM, the parking lots are virtually full.  You'd have to battle two thousand people to get into a JC Pennys, or Sears.  For the electronics's the same way.

So I just don't do any black Friday shopping.

My suspicion is that as you grow older, the less happy you are with the crowds and how you'd prefer to just sit and watch clouds float around the sky.

The funny thing about this business is that I can remember when Friday didn't amount to anything.  I can go back to Thanksgiving of last Thanksgiving at home as a kid.  You got Friday off, but there weren't any big sales for the day.  I suspect somewhere between 1976 and the mid-90's this just started to occur and no one questioned the wisdom of this.  For most big stores, this is the single most important day of the year.  The funny 1976, it just wasn't that important.

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