Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Day

I got early this morning.....but didn't walk out until 6AM, and walked over to the neighborhood recreational center.  At 6:15 when I got there.....I was around number four hundred in line.  Then I was shocked at the amazingly slow speed.  It was roughly 7:45 when I finally got up to the table.

They had two folks running the ID business....both were taking roughly two minutes to just check me in the system, and then make me stand there (I could tell....it was a stall tactic).  I immediately told the gal I was prepared to skill the electronic vote and just do paper (I would have stood there another fifteen minutes minimum .

She finally let me go....I got the paper ballot, and had it filled out in sixty seconds.  Then I stomped out, and marched back to the bus stop to get over to the Pentagon for work.

When I left....there had to be at least a thousand folks in line, and it just didn't make any sense.

We don't do early voting in Virginia....and if you tried to do absentee....they want a real reason.  The fact that they have more than four machines or four desks set up for paper ballots.....it just seemed like they wanted it intentionally to be long.

Folks kept quiet.  No intentions discussed.

Course at work later....there were a fair number of younger GI's who wanted to announce their Republican-voting.

My gut feeling is that an awful lot of folks went out to vote this time.  Maybe more than last.

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