Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Day

This is a true story.

I had to attend the Pentagon building meeting today. The manager announced that they finally dumped the two trash contracts (one for regular garbage, and one for recycling). So they had hired one company to come in....and pick everything up from one dumpster.

So from around the room, without any pause....the question was...what about the recycling containers around the can't walk more than fifty foot without bumping into a tri-bin (paper, plastic, glass, etc).

The building guy continues all with his topic.  The janitors will just run the buggys around the building and dump them at the back of the Pentagon into one huge dumpster, which goes to some fancy plant in to get sorted. The emphasis here by the guy....don't get worried when you see the janitor dumping all trash into one buggy or dumpster.

Naturally, you'd start to think about this....why bother having recycling bins?  Well...he paused to's there to make you feel better about such stuff. Then some guy asked why this came to be. The manager said that they had a goal to have X amount of trash and X amount of recycling. So far, their numbers for recycling were not that great.  This company was going to ensure that they met their numbers.  I just sat there's like some guy from New Jersey who is signing some fancy papers to swear you recycled 800 tons a year of chewing gum wrappers....whatever you want....we will give you.

I did a slow walk back to the shop later....thinking over this.  We have this individual who has a honorary title of recycling monitor. I don't have the heart to mention this story around the office. I'll just let the guy keep feeling good, and dumping all my trash and recycling into the same I've been doing for three years.

In a way, it's all garbage worries.  I'm sure someone will have issues with it.

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