Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Local Neighborhood

Yesterday morning....I had to do grocery shopping.  I typically walk from my apartment....down the street, up to the gas station....cross the street....and walk into my local grocery.  It's a eight-minute walk.

On the way back....I'm walking by the front of the gas station and notice this SUV parking and fueling-up.  It's a couple by the pumps.  New Jersey plates on the SUV.

Then I kinda notice the gas cans.  There's at least twelve gas containers already in the back of the SUV, and at least four still on the ground.  All are those six-gallon plastic containers.

There's two kids in the back seat of the SUV looking down at the parents filling up the cans.  The cans are simply sitting in the rear.  The kids have already noticed that 'gas' smell inside the vehicle and complaining.  Mom says....don't worry....we will be finished in a minute.

You can imagine this trip from Arlington back up to New Jersey....a kid sitting in the back of the SUV....with sixteen cans of gas right behind your seat, and fumes throughout the whole interior.  All because of the lack of gas up in New Jersey right now.

I'm guessing the folks left and stayed with friends down in Arlington for a couple of days....avoiding the lack of electricity and terrible conditions.

The thing's a good four hour drive up the a SUV....with gas fumes in abundance.  There's probably some health reason that makes this stupid, but it's best not to bring this up.

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