Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Neighborhood

The Metro guys here....our subway and bus around today to admitting that they've caught around sixty-odd folks....sleeping in some work.  After the first episode, you got a warning, and then some coaching on how to avoid being caught napping.

At some point in this report....Metro then got around to admitting that statistically.....they are finding drivers who are working twenty hours per day, four more than the regulation allows...even under extreme conditions.

The reason?  All you need is one boss who agrees to allow you pull you start on hour nine through sixteen....and maybe even twenty hours.  A guy could pull $70k a year....simply as a bus driver, if he could pump up a sixteen hour day three or four times a week.

You'd think that passengers would start to ask questions....especially when accidents occur.  The organization is setting itself up for a massive court episode and a $10 million pay-off to just one or two people with neck injuries.

Manipulation and abuse?  Yeah.  But no one is going to say anything to stop this stupidity.

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