Monday, 12 November 2012

My Neighborhood

For most folks, there's a big bold world in DC that you don't normally hear about.  In recent months, there's a topic which has become discussed widely....the height of buildings.  You see...back in the 1910 period, the political folks of DC sat around and got the idea that there ought to be a limit to the height of buildings in DC.  So it came down to ten stories or 130 feet.  That was the magic number.

For one hundred years, this law sat there.  Over the last decade....DC politicians have gotten to the point of thinking about real estate and where they could be....if the 130-ft rule didn't exist.  So they'd like to change it.  But because this is a district administrated by Congress....DC local politicians can't do much of anything except ask for a change.

The reason for the limit?  Most folks in 1910 felt that the Capital building and the Washington Monument....were the outstanding "markers" of DC (at least of that time).  They didn't want a thirty-story building out in the background.  So before this got to be an issue....they established the DC height rules.

You can this little issue brewing.  There are probably forty properties around the city of DC today....that would like to expand and put up fairly tall buildings.  Some might be office buildings....some might be apartment buildings.  There's dozens of folks out there with options on property who could clear millions, if the height rule would just shift....even if it went to 260 ft or twenty stories, they'd be happy.

With all the weird stuff, shootings, corruption, murders, and robberies going on....this is probably the only positive episode that you can find on the DC priority list.

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