Friday, 16 November 2012

My Neighborhood

About a week ago...we had this odd episode....up across the river (to always mean DC).  A local DC high school had a homecoming football game episode.  At some point during the game, there was this tussle that brewed up.  Some gal (a mature adult) got jumped up and beat a bit....nothing big but she's got some bruises.

The culprits?  Well....the school principal (a lady), and two of her staff members.

As of yesterday....the principal had given herself up to the police and was arrested.

Cops are still trying to sort this out, and no one is explaining much of a reason why the school principal got all up into a kick-ass situation with this one gal.

Course, you'd think that principals would be older folks....fairly mature.  In the old days.....growing up in was all old men that ran the schools....mostly in their late fifties and on up into their late sixties. The worst you could get out of them was some joke left over from WW II.

My humble guess is that the principal will admit she'd been on some pain medication and just cut loose to beat up on this gal.

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