Thursday, 29 November 2012

My Neighborhood

Across the river, into DC....there's this University of the District of Columbia (UDC for short).

The UDC folks run an establishment that draws mostly just local kids from the lower side of DC, in literal terms.  To be honest, UDC has been drifting around for the last couple of years and has some long-term issues of surviving financially.

UDC has now reached a point where they actually need to lay off twenty-five folks (administrative, and instructors).  Normally, they'd just terminate them....but in this modern age, you need to offer up a severance package.

So UDC needs $4 help those twenty-five folks walk out the door....feeling whole.  Unfortunately, they don't have the money.

Naturally, this means that they need to visit the city council of DC and beg four million dollars from them.   Why the city council?  UDC is a public system, that survives mostly because of help from the DC city council.  In lean times....the city ordered UDC to order to survive.

UDC is an odd educational establishment.  It started out in the 1860's as a small-town type local college mostly to develop teachers, and the 1970s....ended up being merged with two other local but small colleges.  UDC is the result.  Today, they operate with around 5k students.  In a bit of a twist, it is the only public university left in DC....everything else is private.

The money issue?  They've budgeted themselves into a corner.  As the years went by, they extended out various pay increases and generous benefit plans.  The DC city council is the source of any extra funding they require.  The odds of getting the $4 million?  Someone in the DC council will eventually figure out some scheme to put at least half that on the table.  I'm guessing that was the magic number that they were hoping for anyway.

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